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Vill du lära dig mer om utlandsstudier? Här hittar du aktuella webinarier och seminarier om utlandsstudier från oss och våra partners, samt vår egen podcast Utlandsstudiepodden.

Aktuella webbinarier och seminarier

CBS International Business School – Bachelor’s Degree in Germany

2021-06-24 09:00
Arrangör: CBS International Business School

You are interested in an undergraduate degree, but don’t know exactly where to start? Simply register for a bachelor’s virtual information session to learn more about the different undergraduate programmes that we offer at CBS. In the online info session, we will give you a program overview, go through the financial aid- and scholarship opportunities available to all incoming students, and inform you about the admissions process and requirements. Towards the later part of the info session, our student advisors will directly answer all of your questions. Sign up today!

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